Systems management services include hosting services, managed services, and IT monitoring services. Hosting services are to remove all chaos associated with the IT operations on day to day basis, thereby enabling you to concentrate on your core business functions. Included in the hosting services are assembling of system and server in such a way to meet your business goals as per the budget, server management in order to ensure that they work to maximum potential, system networking management, and protecting your system by installing the most sophisticated anti-virus software. Managed IT systems services are to aid you in confidently carrying out your business functions.

Services offered in connection with IT systems management also include: 


- Administration of UNIX and LINUX environment
- Maintenance of user accounts
- Installation of software
- Monitoring as well as reporting of system performance
- Monitoring utility programs
- System testing and debugging
- Disk space management
- Safeguarding the system from harmful viruses and hackers
- Performance of routine check to ensure security
- Providing assistance in setting up of third party software
- Maintaining a register to record content and Meta data formats for security purposes 

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