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Paper Bounce

Paper Bounce is a 2D hand-drawn arcade/platformer game for Android and iOS, developed by Ascanio Entertainment. Jump your way through six different School-themed subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, Physics and more. Each Subject has seven levels to go through. Complete a subject's levels to unlock the next subject and gain your Subject report! Each level has a set of available Jumps. If you run out of Jumps then you need to restart the level/lesson.

With Each Chapter/Subject, we are introducing new mechanics to the player such as new platforms to jump onto, slow motion and environmental obstacles that need to be avoided and/or maneuvered around them.



A few screenshots from the Intro Chapter:


Here is a small demonstration of the first lesson in the Intro Chapter of Paper Bounce:




Stay up to date with Paper Bounce:

> Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/paperbounce/ 

> Twitter - https://twitter.com/paperbounce

> SlideDB - http://www.slidedb.com/games/paper-bounce



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Ascanio Entertainment at Disrupt Youth Unemployement

Come and meet us at Microsoft Innovation Centre in Nicosia on the 22nd of March. We'll talk about Crash Force and generally about our company's future plans. Furthermore, we'll show you the progress of our current games and we can exchange opinions and ideas regarding the evolution of the Game Industry in Cyprus.

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Cyprus Game Developers Event

Thank you all for joining us at the first cyprus game developers exhibition. It was very nice meeting you and truly wonderful watching you play our game. Thank you for following us and helping us grow while we bring Crash Force to life. We are looking forward to see you again soon.

We would also like to thank Konstantin Galyonkin for his kind words in this review about yesterdays game Expo where he took the liberty of expressing his objective opinion on all video games that were presented and the overall event in general. We personally appreciate your effort to spread the news of the Cyprus Game Developers community and we hope to see you soon in future events.



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Competing in Microsoft's Imagine Cup

On the 21st of April we presented Crash Force at the National Competition of Microsoft's Imagine Cup which took place at Cyprus's Microsoft Innovation Center. Consequently, we are excited to announce that we won the 1st place. We want to thank Microsoft, Microsoft Innovation Center for the wonderful event as well as all of you that back us up in this journey. We will continue our hard work and we will keep delivering top quality. Thank you.

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Crash Force

The Game

Crash Force is an amalgamation of the most popular genres in gaming; it is a multiplayer, arena, shooting game at its core with RPG and racing elements where the player assumes the role of a hovercraft to annihilate his enemies. 

Weapon Systems

Each hovercraft is designed to be unique.  All hovercrafts are equipped with a primary, fast paced, high in rate of fire, low damage weapon and a secondary low fire rate, high damage skill shot weapon.


Every hovercraft belongs to a size category and a class.  Every class has three hovercrafts, one for each size category.  Beyond their weapons, hovercrafts have a skillset of four abilities unique for each one of them.

Two of those abilities are based on the class of a hovercraft. Eagle class for example or Aquila as we call them, have the ability to manipulate time.

Hovercrafts of the Aquila class have abilities like flashing forward through time, traveling back in time for a couple of seconds or even slowing down time for all enemies in an area around them.


The other two abilities we have given to the hovercrafts are based on the character we want to give to that hovercraft.  Some abilities are offensive such as summoning chainsaws to damage opposing players. 
Other abilities are defensive such a summoning a shield to protect you against enemy fire. Others are utility abilities such as trade health for speed and rate of fire.

Skill Trees

In Crash Force we intend to develop a levelling and skill tree system.  By playing matches you gain experience points.  Collect enough experience points and you level up. Upon levelling up, you gain a skill point to unlock a skill from your skill tree. Once you reach the level cap you gain a token. You can use this token to unlock special skills that cannot be accessed otherwise.

Key Mechanics

Shooting an enemy reduces their life. The player that lands the kill shot of a player scores a kill point for their team, while the player who dies suffers a death point for their team. The team or player with the highest kill to death ratio wins the game.


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