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Devlog - Creating Loot boxes

All loot boxes in Crash Force All loot boxes in Crash Force
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Creating the Loot Boxes in Crash Force.

Our very own CG Generalist, Claudia worked on the concept and creation of our shiny new Loot boxes, that were introduced in Patch v.1.5.3105.

The first task was to create a concept of the Loot box. We took inspiration from loot boxes in Overwatch, CS:GO and various mobile game loot boxes. 

Each loot box's appearance and complexity were based on the rarity of each loot box. We have prepare a few rendered screenshots for each loot box below:



Common :     Material: Iron , Emissives: Lightblue


Uncommon  :  Material: Bronze , Emissives: Darkblue


Rare  :      Material: Silver , Emissives: Orange


Legendary  : Material: Gold , Emissives: Purple


Each Lootbox has its unique material that complements its value, and uniquely emissive colored accessories.


Additionally, we thought it would compliment each loot box to have its own unique way of opening and revealing their capsule holder that lies

within, as shown in the next videos:

Common Loot box:


Uncommon Loot box opening animation:


Rare Loot Box opening animation:


Legendary Loot Box opening animation:


All Loot boxes opened at once for comparison reasons:



The rigging process was fairly simple. However to be imported into Unreal Engine 4, the joints

in the rig had to be directly parented, otherwise the import would split the object into multiple

rigged objects.


Overall, the entire process of modeling, rigging and texturing process, required a day or two for each loot box to be completed.



Entire process of rigging (1hour) for the rare lootbox can be seen in this link:


Entire process of texturing for the rare lootbox can be seen in this link:


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