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Creating Crash Force - Character Part 2

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Crash Force - Creating the Hovercrafts Part 2 Crash Force - Creating the Hovercrafts Part 2
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Creating Crash Force - Character Part 2


Hello, everyone! Last time we saw how we created our hovercraft system and incorporated it in the Shooter game example provided by Unreal Engine 4. Today, we will see how the shooting system was implemented and why. First things first, the very first shot ever fired by a hovercraft in Crash Force was a "cheat". What I mean by that is we made the hovercraft "hold" a weapon on its turret and shoot it. Then, we went and created bone sockets for our weapons to fire from and assigned to each hovercraft a weapon that would be the one it would fire. We created projectiles for those weapons and handled the properties of those projectiles (i.e. damage, range, ammo, fire rate). Now, each hovercraft had a weapon it could fire. 



Playing with weapons a new suggestion came to the table. What if each hovercraft had two weapons? We fancied the idea of being able to wield two weapons instead of one, so we started walking down that avenue. We created two different weapons per hovercraft and assigned them these weapons. Then we created a slot where the equipped weapon would be held in memory, where the other one would be considered holstered or not equipped. We created the logic behind toggling weapons and firing the equipped weapon only and voilà.




Now all that we thought was left weapon wise, was to create different weapons for each hovercraft and assign them those weapons. This is how we created the base of our weapon system. 

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