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Thank you Cyprus Comic Con!

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Thank you Cyprus Comic Con Thank you Cyprus Comic Con
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We are so overwhelmed with the response we got from all of you at Cyprus Comic Con! You have provided us with excellent feedback on the mechanics and looks of Crash Force. You have also helped Crash Force immensely on its way to the top 100 of Steam Greenlight!!!

We would like to thank you all for your support!! Since you responded so eagerly and with such excitement for our video game Crash Force, we decided to extend the prize pool for the competition that was held on Saturday and Sunday! Instead of having only one winner for each day of the Comic Con event, we decided to have ten!!! Ten copies for each day!!!

Each copy will contain the Charlie Tier Funder Edition of Crash Force, which includes:

- Beta access in December.

- One funder’s skin for one hovercraft.

- One reset token (can be used to reset you skills tree).

- Experience Boost.

The winners from Saturday are:

1.   Alex Papakostas

2.   Vasilis Artemiou

3.   Charis Lazarou

4.   Pantelis Sioukas

5.   George Theofanous

6.   Andreas Andreou

7.   Ioannis Kouspos

8.   Odysseas Efstathiou

9.   Charilaos Michael

10.   Andreas Komis

The winners from Sunday are:

1.   Orestis Orphanou

2.   Petros Constantinou

3.   Nicolas Constantinou

4.    Nichol Owen

5.   Yiannis Protopapas

6.   Spyros Lambrou

7.   Dimitris Papageorgiou

8.   Ioannis Demtriades

9.   Andreas Argyrides

10.   Andreas Papanikolaou


All winners will be notified by email shortly!

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