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Crash Force - Alpha Phase and Steam Greenlight

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Steam Greenlight - Vote for Crash Force Steam Greenlight - Vote for Crash Force
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We are proud to announce that we are finally entering the Alpha Phase of development for Crash Force!! We have come a long way since our pre-alpha phase, but we are confident that we are on a good path.

A lot of technical and visual aspects of the game have changed since the pre-alpha phase.

- The HUD was improved.

- Three hovercrafts were remastered and one new hovercraft was added to the Cicuma family.

- Ammo packs & energy pads were remastered.

 Bonus: Alpha Gameplay Video


In other news, we are starting a Steam Greenlight campaign. We are hoping that fans of the game, will help us reach an entry to the Steam Store and take one step further towards growing the community.

We appreciate all the support people have shown up until this point but yet once more we are calling up on Crash Force fans to help us reach our goal and get Crash Force on Steam via Greenlight!!

Head on to our Steam Greenlight page from the link below, and vote for Crash Force!! Each vote equals to one smile from us and one more step closer to getting greenlit.

Crash Force - Steam Greenlight


As for people who do not own a Steam account, here is a link to signup if you want to help us reach our goal!



Kind regards,

The team of Ascanio Entertainment


Pro Tip: For the people that will attend our Crash Force Experience program at the annual Cyprus Comic Con, you can sign up for a Steam account and/or vote for us at the Steam Greenlight website. This will reduce the time you will spend signing/voting up at our booth, so you can spend more time to explore the rest of the Comic Con venue!!

Bonus: Steam Greenlight Trailer


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