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We are proud on the games that we create! We always aim to provide excellency when creating games, whether we create them for us, but especially when we create them for you. When we create games for you we do not only create a game. We actively involve you with all the aspects of the process. We offer our professional opinion on the whole process of game creation from identifying what type of game would be better for your purposes to how the scoring system (if any) would work better to what social media could or should be involved in order for your business to gain the maximum out of it.

Additionally, we have been utilizing games to complement medical treatments with various research institutions for a couple of years now. One of the most important projects that we have worked in was a game to help with the physiotherapy of children with severe cerebral disabilities. We have an excellent relationship with both the European University and University of Nicosia. We find games used for medical treatments intriguing and we are always open to discuss such games. 

Whether you are a visionary CEO, a dedicated researcher, or a medical practitioner there is a game that suits your needs. 

Are you ready to take the first step in helping us create a game just for you?

Just send us a message using our contact form.

Paper Bounce

Paper Bounce is a 2D hand-drawn arcade/platformer game for Android and iOS, developed by Ascanio Entertainment. Jump your way through six different School-themed subjects such as Maths, Chemistry, Physics and more. Each Subject has seven levels to go through. Complete a subject's levels to unlock the next subject and gain your Subject report! Each level has a set of available Jumps. If you run out of Jumps then you need to restart the level/lesson.

With Each Chapter/Subject, we are introducing new mechanics to the player such as new platforms to jump onto, slow motion and environmental obstacles that need to be avoided and/or maneuvered around them.



A few screenshots from the Intro Chapter:


Here is a small demonstration of the first lesson in the Intro Chapter of Paper Bounce:




Stay up to date with Paper Bounce:

> Facebook – https://www.facebook.com/paperbounce/ 

> Twitter - https://twitter.com/paperbounce

> SlideDB - http://www.slidedb.com/games/paper-bounce



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Crash Force - Patch Notes v.2.0.3588

Patch Notes v.2.0.3588

03 August 2017


Bug Fixes:

-Fixed an issue where Aquila Minuta would default to paints instead of the default bodykit.

-Fixed an issue where the Leveling up system was giving more experience than what was earned in game.

-Fixed an issue where bot level would go above the cap (above level 90).

-Fixed an issue with Aquila Claim.

-Fixed an issue with Cicuma Blend.



-Changed how shooting works. No more weapon switching. Primary weapon fires with the Left Mouse Button (or Right Trigger on controller) and Secondary weapon fires with the Right Mouse Button (or Left Trigger on controller).

-Melee attack has been merged with the dash (Left shift).


We have prepared a GIF showcasing these changes:


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